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Welcome to tangmei's official website,

Domestic Free hotline:4006-020-336

Headquarters hotline:020-82193161

We Do

Brand Introduction

Tonemy is one of the first batch of Chinese fragrance marketing and execution brand enterprises to pass the national registered legal trademark. It has been committed to the research and development of the commercial space fragrance field, provide customers with professional fragrance marketing planning and execution space fragrance services . Tonemy has obtained many national product research and development patents, and its cooperative customers have covered commercial real estate, star hotels, beauty and medical treatment, leisure and entertainment, clothing exhibition halls, air transportation and many other fields. Tonemy takes the continuous improvement of the spatial olfactory level as its mission, and continues to lead the Chinese olfactory marketing market to a new height. Tonemy pays attention to product quality, passed ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001 system certification, CE, SGS, ROHS, REACH.



Fragrance Technology

Intelligent control of the Internet of Things, the perfect combination of fragrance and technology, Tonemy brings the fragrance industry to a new height. After nearly a year of conquering, the R&D team has successively combined WIFI+APP intelligent system, 5G intelligent system, Bluetooth+IOT intelligently to aroma diffuser machine, complish multi-channel remote IOT control of fragrance expansion equipment, thereby reducing equipment maintenance costs, improving fragrance efficiency, using science developing fragrance business secrets.


Products Show


Ultimate Fragrance Presentation

Tonemy fragrance essential oil is a joint cooperation between Tonemy and the world's top ten essential oil suppliers. All fragrance series products are jointly made by the world's top essential oil brands. The essential oils are natural and have an outstanding elegant aroma. We categorize fragrance styles according to the applicable space and the people group, select natural series, hotel series, emotional series and deodorant series fragrances, create fragrance oil series suitable for various styles and spaces and a variety of people. Give you and your space an unparalleled fragrance experience.


Project Cases


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